From the Dorm Room

Born and raised in Nashville, TN by two Mexican immigrants, Jose was inspired at an early age by his parents’ hard work and dedication to their family.

A disciplined man, Jose’s father would wake up every day at 5 am to work construction until late at night. Knowing that an hourly wage wouldn’t support his children, Jose’s father started his own bricklaying company in the hopes that he could make ends meet and then some for his family. That company would go on to fulfill his dreams and more, winning multiple design and architectural awards around the nation. As Jose continued to grow up, he never questioned how his father provided, only knowing that he was proud of his father’s efforts and accomplishments. Being your own boss (but more importantly, doing the best you could do) was something that Jose would come accept as “normal.” In time, Jose would go on and follow his father’s footsteps in entrepreneurism.

Throughout elementary and middle school Jose was fascinated by technology. Jose attended programming and robotics camps summer after summer during his youth, enabling him to think through and solve problems systematically. While in high school, Jose was chosen to be a part of an entrepreneurship incubator, Quarter Zero, hosted by the University of Chicago’s Booth Business School. It was there that he first tasted what it was like to be part of a startup environment with other bright students his age as well as his first encounters with industry mentors. Unsurprisingly, he became addicted to the startup process of ideation and execution as well as the kinds of minds startups come to attract.

Shortly thereafter he was admitted to both Arizona State University and Barrett, the Honors College, to study computer science. Jose knew he needed to push himself out of his comfort zone and experience something new and the move to Phoenix was just that. While in Arizona he met lifelong mentors that would introduce him to the world of personal development, allowing him to grow his networking and interpersonal skills at a young age. For many years (and to this day), Jose was obsessed with business & psychology, studying industry analysts like Ben Thompson to try and view the world from a new perspective and to reverse engineer successful companies’ strategies for business. Realizing he had a natural passion (and ability) for business, life soon led him to Chattanooga to continue his studies in Business Analytics.

While at the University of Tennessee, Jose began to explore the world of business more seriously. He was able to leverage his years of experience in studying computer science to understand the complex world of crypto-asset investments. Having first invested in Bitcoin in 2014, he knew there was potential for growth in that space that traditional investors continued to ignore. This created an opportunity for Jose to exercise his entrepreneurial muscle. Seeing that there was demand from retail investors in knowing how to invest in these crypto-assets, Jose obtained his Series 65 license at just 21 years old. This license allowed him to serve those retail clients in a space he knew all too well.

As of 2019, Jose continues his studies in Business Analytics at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Jose currently serves as a lead analyst for the Information Technology sector for the University’s Student Managed Investment Learning Experience Fund (SMILE Fund). At the SMILE Fund, Jose is able to provide his team of equity analysts with mentorship and guidance for navigating the world of technology-based investments. Outside of school he also maintains a select list of private clients in the world of crypto-investments.

For Jose, work is play, and play is work. His high level of productivity and achievement is fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit, innate drive, and gift of management. If something doesn’t exist in the way Jose sees it, he makes it happen. If he doesn’t know how to execute a task, he figures it out. As with all elements of his life, from marketing to analysis to strategy, he never sacrifices efficiency or effectiveness. He is the ultimate strategic visionary, doing it all from his dorm room.